Tools and resources

Here you have access to the tools and resources used and shared during the week.


Image editors & photo collections:

  • Piktochart: A free service that allows you to create engaging info graphics and many other data representation types.
  • Canva: A free service that allows you to create appealing visual materials such as flyers, calendars, posters, etc.
  • Pablo: A free service that allows you to create images for social media channels.
  • Pixlr: A powerful image editor with high functionality for both amateurs to advanced editors.
  • Pixabay: A source of stock pictures that are royalty free.
  • Makeameme: A simple way for creating memes.
  • Fotojet: A simple way for creating comic strips using photos and visuals.
  • Issuu: A place for turning PDF documents into online magazines.

Video editors

  • Magisto: An app offering automated video composition.
  • Wevideo: A simple video editing tool.
  • Animoto: A simple service for creating videos, automated slideshows and others.
  • Giphy: A tool for creating gif images.


  • Spectrum: A service allowing to create and manage forum discussions.
  • Padlet: A website allowing to create collaborative message boards.
  • Miro: A website to create collaborative boards and manage projects.
  • Slack: A service allowing to create dedicated chats to topics within a team or organization.
  • Trello: A tool for creating, managing and tracking projects online.
  • Doodle: Meeting negotiation platform.
  • Tricider: A tool for group and online decision-making.
  • Mailchimp: A service for managing newsletters.
  • Surveyplanet: A service for creating and managing surveys.


  • Mentimeter: A tool for creating wordclouds, surveys, immediate responses.
  • Prezi: A tool for creating presentations and canvases.
  • Wordle: A tool for creating pretty word clouds.
  • Slideshare: A tool for uploading and storing slides.
  • Zoom: A platform for hosting webinars.


  • Kahoot: A platform for creating engaging quizez to be ran real time using mobile phones.
  • Quizalize: A platform that allows to create quizzes that can be ran any time with only the use of a mobile device.

App development

  • Metaverse: A tool for creating augmented reality material.
  • MIT appinventor: A service for creating simple applications.
  • Glideapps: A service that allows to create simple applications from an online spreadsheet.

Social Media Management

Website construction services

  • WordPress: A simple way to create blogs and websites.
  • Wix: A simple drag and drop website builder.

Networking & Learning opportunities

  • E-twinning: An online platform for teachers across Europe.
  • Salto-Youth: An online platform for youth workers and European training.
  • Epale: An online platform for adult education.
  • ESC: An online platform for volunteering activities.
  • School Education Gateway: An online platform for international cooperation of formal education.
  • Edmodo: Management tool for teachers & learners.

Learning resources

  • Khan Academy: A website for online learning on various topics.
  • TED: A collection of inspirational talks on various topics.
  • ScienceDirect: A website providing Access to a research database.
  • A website providing online courses.
  • EDX: A source for online courses.


  • Actionbound: A platform for creating outdoor quests and treasure hunts.
  • Open Badges: A platform for creating custom-made recognition badges.
  • Duolingo: An app for gamified language learning.